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What Students and Professionals Say About Gene



  • The highlight of my summer in Colorado was dancing with Gene GeBauer. (Kathy Braun, Vermont)
  • Gene GeBauer is a national treasure. (Robert Reed)
  • The assistance, advice, and instruction you’ve given me have taught me so much. (Allison Drenkow)
  • I am always inspired by you. (Erica Boyce)
  • You are a great teacher and a great friend. (Peg Emery)
  • I look forward to class every week. (Leslie Argent)
  • Thanks for being a dedicated, superb teacher. (Chrissy Shedron)
  • You brought an energy to our class that was very soothing. (Leah Jordan-Houston)
  • You have helped me grow so much as a dancer. You helped me fall in love with tap and you inspire me and challenge me every class. (Lisa Campbell)
  • You have added value to our lives. (Judy Piccone & Barb Sexton)
  • I’m so glad you are the one who is teaching me tap. (Irene Avila)
  • Your warm, caring manner and incredible talent are appreciated. (Marjie Skalet)
  • Thanks for imparting so much tap wisdom [and fun Broadway stories]. (Dr. Linda Ordiorne)
  • We appreciate your love of the art form and ability to touch each dancer with your teaching. {Beverly Pinkerton)
  • You have given me such a love for tap. (Jessica Smith)
  • He has a twinkle in his eye, a smile on his face, music in his heart, and rhythm in his feet. (Rose Green)